Helica Instruments launches endometriosis support

We understand the trauma  endometriosis causes. And with so much miss-information about possible treatments and a general lack of urgency in many sufferers diagnosis, Helica is investing in making a difference. Investing in ensuring the hospitals and treatment centres have access to the best surgical options and also in the publication of material which aims to speed up diagnosis and to support sufferers at every stage of their treatment.

Sufferers will be able to download documentation which will outline the best possible next steps, irrespective of how long they have been suffering. This will include info packs for sufferers to take in to GP surgeries to fasttrack diagnosis, as we know the physical and mental trauma that can occur when sufferers are dismissed without a clear process of moving forward.

For treatment to be effective in removing endometriosis altogether, it must be caught early. And we know the heartbreak that has been caused to sufferers who’ve told us that they are unlikely to be able to have children. Only to find out if earlier diagnosis and treatment had been undertaken, it would have drastically improved their chances of conceiving.

Current studies show it can take more than ten years to receive an accurate diagnosis so, in addition to the information packs which sufferers can use to accelerate their diagnosis and treatment, Helica is sending representatives in to GP surgeries and providing free training so no one suffering from endometriosis is told they just have bad period pains again.

Helica Endometriosis Support is committed to shining a light on this condition, and won’t stop until we have reached every GP surgery and hospital. Our GP pack is almost complete and will be ready for download in early April. In the meantime we are registering those who want the pack and will send it on as soon as it’s complete.

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